Aliganza with Europe’s first RFID showroom

The fashion branch needs technology. And the need is reciprocated. That assumption has been made by two companies: Aliganza – which is the first fashion communication agency in Poland and Sescom – which is a strong player in the market of new technologies. With the cooperation between them established, the first joint project appeared – the implementation of Sesmatic integrated system to the Agency’s showroom in Warsaw.

The establishment of business relations between Sescom and Aliganza is just the beginning of the technological innovations which will be incorporated into the Agency’s fashion environment. The whole venture is motivated by a creative integration of the technology within the Sescom Innovation Lab and the Aliganza Creative Lab – the space created by the Agency for the purposes of innovative fashion-focused projects. Technological start-ups and authors of innovative fashion-dedicated projects may apply here.


Situated in the very heart of Warsaw, at ul. Szpitalna 8a, Aliganza showroom is a place for Aliganza’s clients to present their collections. It is here that over a dozen of stylists daily rent clothes for their magazine and online photo sessions or for star-featuring photo sessions. Thus, the speed of service is essential.


Reading data from clothes tags. Transfering the data directly to a server by means of the controlling software. Completing a stylist’s rental request within 15 seconds. That is the mode of operation of Sesmatic – an integrated system based on the RFID technology and implemented in Aliganza showroom.


What exactly is Sesmatic for? By means of both the RFID technology, which relies on radio connection, an integrated system of antennas and signal receivers, and the appropriate controlling devices installed in Aliganza showroom it is possible to read individually selected clothes tags. To put it simply – thanks to the RFID, cooperation with stylists has been revolutionised. Not only does the system optimise the rental and return process but it also improves and accelerates introduction of new collections to the showroom, which happens at every turn of seasons.

“We are excited by having established the cooperation with Sescom, a pioneer implementer of new technologies in the retail market. Thanks to RFID Sesmatic system, our showroom is turning into the most modern and the friendliest place for stylists in terms of the quality and speed of service. As a Sescom partner, we have further ideas for the implementation of cutting edge and interesting technological solutions in our Agency in the foreseeable future.” – says Renata Stradowska, Aliganza COO

In a nutshell – the  implementation of the RFID system in Aliganza showroom is a revolutionary solution on a European scale.

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