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Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing is a tool which, appropriately planned and applied, allows achieving any business goals: related to sales, image, or publicity. At Aliganza, we tailor influencer campaigns to the specific needs and business strategies of our clients; we also know which questions should be asked before beginning the creative process. We do not use ready-made solutions; based on the received guidelines, we always carry out a thorough research on influencers who meet the brand's DNA (taking into account the activities and collaboration of rival brands.) Our activities are reach-building campaigns, consistent with the direction of brand development, regardless of whether they take the form of product seeding, social media content placement or coverage of industry events. As an influencer marketing agency we accurately identify ambassadors who fully represent the mission, vision and values of the brands cooperating with us. We believe in the power of long-term concepts, but we can also efficiently implement ad hoc projects. We answer our client’s needs regardless of their scale, as we are experts both in large scale projects and smaller, local campaigns. The influencer market is an open book for us: we constantly follow it, so that we are able to offer the most advantageous solutions, both in terms of selection and recommendations of people most suitable for collaboration, as well as in the area of planning original influencer activities.