More than just an interior. The communication way based on Jotex brand case.

Over the past year, our home turned out to be the center of our universe. It is a place where we start the day, work, eat, relax and spend time with our friends. So it is not surprising that we have been paying more attention to the space around us. Where do we search for inspiration? Online, of course. Jotex brand, a leader in the sale of articles for interior design and a promoter of Scandinavian style around the World, stormily took the polish market, changing the face of interior design marketing every day. Let’s check their unconventional approach to marketing communication. .

European expansion

The Jotex story started in 1963. Today it is a pioneer in sales using advanced e-commerce systems. It sells its articles successively throughout Scandinavia, where each country has its platform. At the end of 2020, Jotex opened up to the European market and began its promotion also in Poland. Jotex has the ambition to bring its audience constantly changing fresh new ideas and a strong stylistic vision.

The main strategy is focusing on online selling. Jotex does not have any stores and it follows the rule online-only. It is well versed in the digital environment, especially when it comes to social media. The main goal for the brand is promoting the concept of home fashion, where the selling of interior design products meets fashion marketing.

We can watch the brand moves and their out-of-the-box approach on their social media, where we can find both good thaught campaigns and the daily inspiration as well. Jotex takes great care about its content on social media, especially when it comes to Instagram. Which was previously a domain for fashion brands, but as we can see it works for them as well!

Influencer marketing
as a communication tool for the brand

In the case of Jotex, building the brand image is based on well-thought-out, and unconventional campaigns to which they invite original personalities, mainly women.

This is how the #YouDoYou campaign was created. Several influencers and artists were invited to present their different attitudes, lifestyles, and aesthetics in a form of an unconventional photo shoot using brand articles. All this with the help of excellent photographers and stage designers.

With the entry of the brand into the polish market, we have also introduced influencer marketing in Poland as a consequence of the global strategy of Jotex. The first ones were Kasia Tusk and Klaudia Halejcio. The choice of these personalities was not coincidental. Both of them are very much into interior design with their original aesthetic. In addition to classic social media activities, Kasia Tusk also wrote a blog post about the Scandinavian brand and its appearance in Poland.

Aliganza x Jotex

When Jotex joined Aliganza’s portfolio in November, together with the brand we arranged the space in our showroom – entirely using its articles. In this way, a unique place was created for artistic projects, photoshoots, and media meetings.

The space is designed in a modern style with add of Parisian chic. A light color palette with earthy tones prevails in this arrangement. Materials are mainly natural raw and dark wood. The pattern on the dresser perfectly emphasizes the look of the original herringbone parquet, while the choice of accessories the organic character of the interior. Modern furniture and accessories in combination with the classic character of this tenement house add elegance and timelessness to the place. Does this not sound like a key to arranging a perfect space?

Details are the key to success. The final effect is important as it is the synergy of individual elements. Pieces of furniture and accessories look great together but also as single, they create a WOW effect anywhere placed. Ceramics, lighting, and textiles are as important as the sofa, table, or chest of drawers. They allow us to play with the interior as we play with fashion. Since the home has become our life, we appreciate it twice over!

Author: Diana Morzy

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