Will press releases become a thing of the past? Aliganza introducing press release 2.0

Does such a classic PR staple as press release still make sense in the modern digital world, or are its days numbered?

“Latest boho style-inspired collection already in stores”, “Famous designer to create a common line with a sports brand again” – this is what the headers of classic press releases that journalists and stylists receive every day could read.

Don’t forget about me

Each of the brands on the Polish market makes sure that it is not forgotten, or written, talked and read about as often as possible. However, is the amount of information sent equal to the amount of news published about the brand?

All PR people are probably sneering right now, reading the last sentence – of course not! The Holy Grail of image activities, or publication, consists of more factors than just the Facebook algorithm, and the fight for the readers takes place every day! Sometimes a magical tool called advertising investments or the “networking” can come in handy, but more often than not an interesting topic alone can guarantee the desired effect.

Press release 2.0

Is press release definitely becoming a thing of the past? Yes and no. It definitely does in the form that we all know, i.e. boring, typical copy-paste information with photos attached. The future of such press release is bleak. Considering the digitalization of all areas of life, we could, however, attempt to redesign this one as well. Press release 2.0 sounds great, but what does it mean?

At Alliganza, we have long since noticed that classic press releases are beginning to be associated with the past, and none of us would like to be considered a PR dinosaur. Together, and thanks to PROWLY technology, which we use in our daily work, we decided not to let ourselves be trapped by routine and to implement press release 2.0.

Daily rituals

First of all, we started with our daily ritual of writing for brands, introducing the principle of taking SEO into account. Before, we had consulted the brands to find keywords they used to position themselves in search engines, or associations they cared about. From now on, we place such keywords in our releases so that they are better positioned after publication and support the online activities of our clients.

Video formats rules

We all know that video content currently dominates the rankings made by Internet users. We didn’t forget about them either! We always try to embed them in our releases; if they are direct links from YouTube or Vimeo, it additionally improves the view rates of our clients in those streaming channels, which is also important and monetized.


Since if you are not on Facebook, you don’t exist, if we don’t read about your brand in Zuckerberg’s network, you can start winding up your business. Therefore, in our press releases you will not only find text alone, but also current Facebook and Instagram posts of our clients. They are directly clickable, which means you can immediately show how much you like the photo and comment on the post.

Link, link, link – all roads currently lead to them, and they in turn lead wherever we want! An important aspect of our daily PR work is to put the reader as often as possible on the right track in the brand image building process. Press release 2.0 contains a number of references to the brand’s collection, specific products or earlier information related to it. It is thus easier for persons interested in the topic to find other similar materials and better understand the philosophy of the brand which we try to convey.

Press release 2.0 is our way to perform classic PR work in a non-classic world that changes every day! Who knows, perhaps we will soon present version 3.0 or even 4.0? Stay tuned!

author: Milena Wójcicka

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